A healthy and genuine wine comes from grapes grown with traditional methods (treatments reduced to a minimum and used only when needed), is made in the vineyard from vineyards in suitable positions, not forcing the production, stimulating the balance and strength of plants, working to maintain soil fertility. Eventually the grapes brought to the winery are healthy and rich, only from these grapes can aim at excellence.

Vino lambrusco produzione e vendita

Our farm produces Lambrusco wine traditional vinification techniques, manual harvest that allows a first selection of the product on the field, until you get to the cellar. The grapes are Destemmed and transferred in small here will remain there for a period ranging from 1 to 6 days and through the maceration on the skins will get the must, through the alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, it will turn into wine; at this point the wine obtained, which at this stage is still firm, will be cleaned by dregs left over from the fermentation of the must, filtered and periodically racked in oxygenationto keep the product fresh and fragrant.

The second fermentation is done by transferring the wine in autoclaves, stainless steel tank, hermetically sealed, here the wine is fortified with a mixture of yeasts and sugar derived from grapes, and nutrients that will promote the reactivation of the yeasts. The latter will trigger the second fermentation of wine, fermentation produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as a by-product, not being able to get out of the autoclave, when this will be saturated by the gas, it will begin to dissolve in the wine, giving it a characteristic effervescence. At the end of fermentation, the wine, which at this point is sparkling, is separated from sediments through filtration and then bottled after microfiltration again to remove any remaining yeast that may trigger bottle of rifermentazioni that would change the finished product.

Vino Lambrusco Emilia Produzione e vendita