Americans in times not long ago, he was nicknamed "red champagne, champagne, red for his cheerfulness, acidic taste crisp, its flavor and its lightness; with the champagne, the Lambrusco wine has more of a point of convergence, but above all the bubbles.

That's what makes it unique and that has made it one of the most popular wines in the world, sparkling, lambrusco once followed seasonal cycles where the winter temperature range blocked the fermentation, which then resumed in spring; that process is favored today with the most modern winemaking techniques.


Before I get to that point, the Lambrusco went through centuries of history, most likely is the only wine resulting from a grape originating in the Italian peninsula; in fact, while all the other wines derive from vitis vinifera "" that has its origin in Mesopotamia and the Caucasus Highlands, lambrusco seems to descend from the "vitis silvestris" a wild vine present in Italy since antiquity and considered poorly suited to winemaking due to its harshness (the Romans called it "vitis labrusca").

Proof that the "vitis labrusca" represented the first opportunityto come in contact with the wine experience of Italian populations comes from finds of seeds of Scots lives dating back to the bronze age, in the areas of current production, in Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Vino lambrusco storia ed origini


Due to its characteristics, Lambrusco, looks like a classic product of the third millennium, that despite globalization in food sector cannot be separated from the bond with the territory. Lambrusco wine won international palates, yet to taste it really needs the accompaniment of typical products of his native land. Hardly a zampone or cotechino dish of Modena can be enjoyed fully without the accompaniment of lambrusco and vice versa; would even be difficult to determine if she was born before the modenese lambrusco or cooking, so the two products look so closely interdependent.

It's fair to give this wine all the credit he deserves, because it is often labeled as a supermarket wine, cheap shopping; Instead, this wine is fresh, fragrant and moderately alcolicor, is a symbol of eclectic food and wine of our country for the versatility of combinations.

These characteristics Lambrusco is one of the most sold in Italy and abroad, his outstanding qualities make it a pleasant and drinkable wine for any occasion; I mean, is "humble" Champagne Italian red.