Lambrusco Wine

Lambrusco wine directly from the grower to the consumer , Best Quality at the Best Price

The farm Rustichelli extends south of Carpi and spread over an area of approximately 8 hectares, the characteristics of the soil where our vineyards to a plot of clays and Sands rich in deposits from the Quaternary age. Thanks to the temperate microclimate of this area, the ripe grapes well and easily reach 11/11.5% ABV for natural wine of our production. Our production philosophy is based solely on the highest quality research, starting from cultivation processes, such as pruning and harvesting are still performed manually; ending with the cellar practices carried out through the use of highly productive methods respectful of more ancient art vinificatrice that allow us to obtain high quality Labrador and organoleptic properties of a genuine wine. Work in the fields requires a continuous care and our daily passion is a job yet wait for the best time of fruit ripening and harvesting them to offer you the best consumers of our land.


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